fuckboynoiz: Sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to ask if there's a possibility of you restocking the dmmd keychains you have on storenvy?

Sorry for posting this publicly but several people have asked, so I’d like to answer it here.

Yes I will most likely be holding a preorder sometime this month. Please wait for it ^^

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What is this crap about forcing sellers to use Stripe on Storenvy now? =\ My country isn’t supported, so now people can’t buy my stuff from the marketplace? Great. Gee. Thanks.

Also I hate the idea that they transfer the money directly to your bank automatically and it takes a few days. How is this a good thing? At least with Paypal the money is in your PP instantly and you can decide what to do with it yourself. Now I gotta pay Stripe fees AND lose money through a crap bank’s conversion rate from USD to my currency? Wow, no friggin thanks?

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My sons on a date. Yeahhhhh (´∀`)♡

The new Animate Cafe waiter-themed goods SOB My bb Sakamichi in waiter uniform ;A; And of course there’s no Midousuji version as usual ~_~;;; This is not just any cafe. This is a butler cafe bwahaha! Bbsakas needs a part time job to pay for his expensive hobby. Yeah.

bertas-dong: I really enjoy your thoughts and art of Mink!!! :)

Your header cracked me up so much! LMAO!! And thank you, it’s always nice when I receive an ask about Mink that isn’t negative(≧▽≦)b

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Draw what you wear meme

- Everyday outfit
- Home outfit
- Special occasion outfit

If you are tagged you must draw the three outfits listed and then tag some people.

I tag usaminto kisechu sosour chuinny neir-2-you

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Has everyone seen the new Utapri Parkas? ADAGJAGADKgk LOUD INTERNAL SCREAMING. Husbando is asdgjsgsofuckingadsglj beautiful ;u; Kurahana-sensei you made my day!!!

Translation of Nacchan’s comment:

"I picked a delicious looking lemon yellow~ It came out just as I imagined. I was so happy I started twirling around during the photo shoot."

Hoshikuzu-danshi maji tamaran!!! Moe hageta yooooo!!!! Husbando(s) ilu ahhhhhh!!!!!

In other news, I finally got a new computer!! So glad to be back online and drawing ;u;!!! But now I’m also 2 months in debt because I borrowed money to buy it. >n>;;

ICDS 2014

I will be at ICDS this weekend under Aposekari, so do drop by Lvl 5 of Scape :)

My PC is still dead and I won’t be getting a new one until next month, so please please please refrain from sending me asks or replies or questions through reblogs thanks. I seriously won’t see it. orz;; (I’m on a borrowed com right now)

Unfortunately I won’t have anything new for ICDS because, well, no computer this whole month to draw with T_T; I’ll be bringing whatever stock I have left from my Storenvy.

I’m also still selling some of these goods (Utapri & Yowapeda), so if you want to pick them up at ICDS, please EMAIL me before Friday. Do not send asks please.

Thanks and see you there!

Huge update at my Storenvy!

There’s some Yowapeda buttons, Utapri & Free! Sailor Keychains, Free! (I have Sousuke and Momo!) and Idolmaster stickers, and assorted prints :)

Visit nunura.storenvy.com ^^

xlucht replied to your post“EOY 2014”
Do you have any of the Free! keychains left? I want to buy some from you~~~~ ; u;
Yeah I should still have some left! ovob
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