sosour replied to your photoset:
They are all so lovelyyyy. What is yoru’s price? *q*
Shamelessly puts link to DA commission journal here ^^;

I got my Trading Voice Cube (Idol. ver) today~ Nacchan’s of course *v*b I don’t have everyone else’s but I translated their dialogues from the box, if anyone’s interested!


  • My music exists for you. I will sing about love.
  • Yosh~ I’ll work hard for you! Let’s enjoy this!


  • Melon bread is delicious. It’s the best food there is.
  • Remain diligent every day. Only hard work will pay off.


  • The stars are watching over you too. Let’s work hard together.
  • Fufufu~ Being with you makes me really happy.


  • If you’re doing it, you might as well aim for perfection. Isn’t that obvious?
  • Pull yourself together, you can do better than this.


  • You naughty little lamb. Don’t tempt me.
  • Come, my lady. Let me show you I mean it.


  • Otogi zenkai! Fight——-!!
  • If you give it your all, there’s no dream you cannot achieve!


  • Excellent! As one would except from My Princess.
  • Let me devote a love song, just for you.


  • My girl! Yoroshiku machochu!
  • Rei-chan has arrived! Yosh~ Leave it to me!


  • Live with all your soul. That’s what ROCK is.
  • Don’t give up before you start. I believe in you.


  • Don’t think I did this for you, okay.
  • What are you so happy about? Humans are really weird.


  • My precious. You are my joy.
  • How many times do I have to tell you this, peasant.

Taking a break from comms to draw this bb. The horror movies on niconico the last 8 days have been terrible. 安定の5だわ。Midoubabs could show them a thing or two about horror. >_>;