Terrible Photos are bad….

But yay! I picked up my copy of ToX2 today~~ So excited. I’m pretty happy with the quality of everything~ I so love getting art books with games~

And also some other things I got recently. Those Free! Keycharms and Stickers came from nunura from her Storevny. (Check it out~~)

And Shiro and Kuro from K. For which I still owe Nal money for. 8’D

Thanks for buying!!! ;A;

ICDS 2014

I will be at ICDS this weekend under Aposekari, so do drop by Lvl 5 of Scape :)

My PC is still dead and I won’t be getting a new one until next month, so please please please refrain from sending me asks or replies or questions through reblogs thanks. I seriously won’t see it. orz;; (I’m on a borrowed com right now)

Unfortunately I won’t have anything new for ICDS because, well, no computer this whole month to draw with T_T; I’ll be bringing whatever stock I have left from my Storenvy.

I’m also still selling some of these goods (Utapri & Yowapeda), so if you want to pick them up at ICDS, please EMAIL me before Friday. Do not send asks please.

Thanks and see you there!

xlucht replied to your post“EOY 2014”
Do you have any of the Free! keychains left? I want to buy some from you~~~~ ; u;
Yeah I should still have some left! ovob
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EOY 2014

Thanks for dropping by!!

Extra shoutout to ppl who bought my Midousuji(s), Minao and Sa/Na stuff cause they are my otps and babies hehehe *v*bbbbbbb


Hi, I er, made some yowapeda badges cause I’m in pedaling hell ^p^ They’re for EOY 2014 next month, but is anyone up for a preorder online? Otherwise I’ll just sell whatever’s left over after the event as usual huehuehue

Oh yeah and also these at EOY! :>

My com’s dead so I can’t make a nice fancy catalog but here’s some pics of the sailor madness I’ll be selling at EOY tomorrow! ^p^

I’ll be at table 38/39 Aposekari (if the organizer doesn’t change it again…)! See you there!

Please please please please please make a Midou figma oh my god or my poor Sakamichi will be so sad and lonely ;;;u;;